The Beauty of Piety

My shaikh Hazrat Maulana Jalil Ahmed Akhoon sb damat barakatuham shares an arabic couplet which says that when a person keeps himself clean off his illicit desires he has beauty even if he has dirty clothes.

Piety or taqwa is the most admirable beauty one could have.

Let’s strive for it by making strong intention to leave everything that displeases Allah swt, performing Dhikr, and making a strong companionship with those who are pious.

My shaikh Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sb RA used to recite the couplet

برباد محبت کو نہ برباد کریں گے

میرے دل ناشاد کو وہ شاد کریں گے

He will not let the person destroyed who has already been devastated in His love. He will surely take best care of my broken heart.

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