Keep Yourself Warm

Allah Taala, our Creator, is the reason of our existence and the only means of our subsistence. His Kindness, Love, and blessings towards us are endless. All His actions are full of wisdom and are in the best interest of the believers.

Our soul does not require any external things to keep ourselves warm and connected with Him. The enjoyment of the priceless connection with the Lord is simply overwhelming.

This is the reason why Bilal RA used to shout ‘Ahad, Ahad’ (God is the only One) when his master would force him to lay on bed of coke. Once Abu Bakr RA passed by and advised him to say ‘Ahad’ quietly so as to get rid off the inhumane treatment. Next morning he was again seen being tortured and he told Abu Bakr RA that he was unable to resist his love and shouted Ahad again.

Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri Rehmatullah alaih used to wake up for Tahajjud and repeatedly chant

از لبِ نا دیدہ صد بوسہ رسید

من چہ گوئم روح چہ لذت چشید

“I cannot describe the enjoyment of hundreds of kisses that I receive from unseen Lips.”

This deep love of Allah Ta’ala can be attained in the company of pious people who already hold this love in their hearts.

Allah’s Remembrance

Allah Taala’s remembrance is the lifeblood of the universe. The world will not be wrapped up until there exist a believer remembering Him. Man needs this fuel to withstand the whirlwinds of difficult conditions such as deprivation of health, fame, money, position, enjoyment and relationships.

الا بذکراللہ تطمئن القلوب

This remembrance gives birth to an unbreakable connection with Allah Taala which lights a candle in a believer’s heart. Once this candle is lit, the person starts feeling tranquility and contentment and starts abhorring acts of evil and starts admiring virtues.

وجعلنا لہ نور یمشی بہ فی الناس

Remembrance is a pre-requisite for love. And once love is attained you cannot afford to forget Him. Sins are committed just due to lack of love for Allah Taala. Love compels the lover to keep the Beloved happy and pleased. And then it is Love that guides the lover to find ways to please the Beloved. You do not need policing , you do not need vigilance. Love will itself teach how to get to the Beloved. We will start finding prayers absorbing, supplications answered, sobbing confessions soothing, admiration towards humbleness, honesty, modesty, and piety. And Love of Allah Taala keeps the person from all the sins, be it casting evil glances or meetups with girlfriends/boyfriends, any misuse of our body parts, or anything against honesty, modesty, humbleness or piety.

Remembrance of Allah creates Love of Allah Taala.

My Shaikh Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sb used to say a couplet:
وہ گرمئ ہجراں وہ تیری یاد کی خنکی
جیسے کہ کہیں دھوپ میں سایہ نظر آیا

Try following daily after any prayer:
100 times La ilaha Illallah,
100 times Allah Allah,
100 times Durood, and
100 times Astaghfar
and start experiencing the fast track journey towards the Love of Allah Taala. May Allah Taala give His Love to everyone of us. Ameen.