Guarding Our Privacy

There has been a lot of concern about privacy nowadays and how to protect it. However, what is more important for a person is not to misuse it. Observing piety in our public as well as in private lives is among the three things that Prophet PBUH has termed as savior acts (منجیات).

Privacy and seclusion is sometimes admired by the pious people in order to enhance their relationship with their Creator. Salat and specifically salat e tahajjud enhances this relationship.

نمود جلوہ بے رنگ سے ہوش اس قدر گم ہیں

کہ پہچانی ہوئی صورت بھی پہچانی نہیں جاتی

Taqwa and piety tame the nafs of the pious people and this seclusion helps them spend sometime in private with their Lord. They have conversations that doesn’t need words and lips..

تم سا کوئی ہمدم کوئی دمساز نہیں ہے

باتیں تو ہیں ہر دم مگر آواز نہیں ہے

ہم تم ہی بس آگاہ ہیں اس ربط خفی سے

معلوم کسی اور کو یہ راز نہیں ہے

While seclusion has its benefits, my mentor Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar sb RA used to give a practical advise that a person who often finds himself or herself surrounded in the sins, and seclusion aggravates the urge for their evil desires, should refrain from observing seclusion. Such people, as most of us fall in this category, should involve themselves in any permissible activity or mingle up with good friends.

طبیعت کی رو زور پر ہو تو رک

وگرنہ یہ سر سے گزر جائے گی

ذرا دیر کو تو ہٹا لے خیال

یہ ندی چڑھی ہے اتر جائے گی

In essence, we must guard our private lives and refrain from evil deeds that are easier to commit when away from people’s eyes. But we must keep in mind that He is with us when nobody is with us.

هوا معكم أین ما کنتم

چوریاں آنکھوں کی اور سینوں کے راز

جانتا ہے تو سب کو تو اے بے نیاز

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