4 Actions to achieve Allah Taala’s Companionship

Allah Taala has bestowed His blessings and gifts to each one of us. These worldly gifts are, no doubt, a source of temporary pleasure and joy. But we can turn this into real happiness and success only if He is with us and only if He is on our side. This companionship with Allah Taala is something which we can find in the gatherings of His pious people, the people who have already become His companion.

ہرکہ خواہد ہمنشینی با خدا
او نشیند با حضور اولیاء
If you want to become God’s companion then stay in the company of pious people

مولانا رومی رح

Quran has also explained this companionship and how to attain it in the following verse

(اِنَّ اللّٰہَ مَعَ الَّذِیۡنَ اتَّقَوۡا وَّالَّذِیۡنَ ہُمۡ مُّحۡسِنُوۡنَ )
Surely, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are good in their deeds

[Surah An-Nahl 128]

The God-fearing people are the pious people who do not displease their Lord in the fear of loosing their real Love.

In order to attain this companionship, a person should regularly visit pious people and take their suggestions on how to get cured of a particular spiritual condition and start performing following tasks:

  • First, start making duas. A lot of duas! 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, whatever one can afford everyday. Don’t shy discussing anything with Allah taala and then request His guidance and intervention. My shaikh Hazrat Hakim Akhtar sb RA used to say that worldly affluent people become frustrated when a needy comes to them repeatedly, but Allah Taala is so loving and caring that He becomes displeased when a person does not supplicate Him. ادْعُوْنِیْۤ اَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ
  • Second, make strongest intention and promise with Allah taala that I will avoid sins, come-what-may! This will help us in offering prayers even at our workplaces, observing hijab, return of inheritance to sisters and other siblings, wearing a beard, abstaining evil glances, avoiding back-biting, throwing away illicit relationships, offering obligatory hajj, avoiding drugs and alcohol, etc. The strongest intention is what results in Divine intervention.( وَیَہۡدِیۡۤ اِلَیۡہِ مَنۡ یُّنِیۡبُ )
  • Third, despite all efforts, in case of indulgence in a sin (due to human weakness), upon realization, start repenting and start doing Istaghfaar without wasting a moment. اِنَّ اللہَ یُحِبُّ التَّوَّابِیۡنَ. After repentance the person will not only be forgiven, rather Allah swt will start loving him/her. And his misdeeds will be washed away as a hadith of Rasoolullah ﷺ is reported that التَّائِبُ مِنْ الذَّنْبِ كَمَنْ لَا ذَنْبَ لَهُ which means that a persons who repents is just like the one who has not committed the sin.
  • Fourth, start doing zikr, remembering Allah swt every day, which includes zikr, duas for every occasion, Quran recitation,

Inshallah, the person following above will start feeling Allah taala’s companionship and soon will start a new life where it will become difficult for him/her to displease Him.

Happy Journey!

دھوپ کی خوشی لے کر غم کی چاندنی بخشی
دل میں تیری آمد نے زندگی نئی بخشی

خالد اقبال تائب

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