Keep Yourself Warm

Allah Taala, our Creator, is the reason of our existence and the only means of our subsistence. His Kindness, Love, and blessings towards us are endless. All His actions are full of wisdom and are in the best interest of the believers.

Our soul does not require any external things to keep ourselves warm and connected with Him. The enjoyment of the priceless connection with the Lord is simply overwhelming.

This is the reason why Bilal RA used to shout ‘Ahad, Ahad’ (God is the only One) when his master would force him to lay on bed of coke. Once Abu Bakr RA passed by and advised him to say ‘Ahad’ quietly so as to get rid off the inhumane treatment. Next morning he was again seen being tortured and he told Abu Bakr RA that he was unable to resist his love and shouted Ahad again.

Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri Rehmatullah alaih used to wake up for Tahajjud and repeatedly chant

از لبِ نا دیدہ صد بوسہ رسید

من چہ گوئم روح چہ لذت چشید

“I cannot describe the enjoyment of hundreds of kisses that I receive from unseen Lips.”

This deep love of Allah Ta’ala can be attained in the company of pious people who already hold this love in their hearts.

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