Signs of Hypocrite

Hypocrisy is a deadly spiritual disease and the real hypocrite will be placed at an extremely terrible place in the hell. إِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ فِي الدَّرْكِ الْأَسْفَلِ مِنَ النَّارِ

My Shaikh used to mention that there are two kinds of hypocrite 1) hypocrite with respect to faith, and 2) hypocrite of the actions. While the former is concerned with the act of disbelieving the tenets of Islam while posing oneself as a Muslim the latter means the habit of disobeying the Lord swt despite promising to obey.

While the above mentioned denunciation, according to various Ulemas, is related to the first category of hypocrite it is important to avoid every aspect of it.

Rasollallah ﷺ has been quoted as mentioning four signs of a hypocrite.

اذا اؤتمن خان واذا حدث کذب واذا عاھد غدر واذا خاصم فجر

  • Whenever he is made a custodian he steals and does misappropriation اذا اؤتمن خانَ

    They are dishonest in their financial dealings, untrustworthy in their relationships, cheat their partners and most importantly intentionally commits acts of misdeed that betray Allah swt.

    Quite often they do not give the due share in inheritance to their siblings, especially sisters, and try usurping others’ shares.

    But this does not necessarily apply to stealing material objects. In a Hadith it is reported that if a person looks around (to ensure if no one else is listening) and then talks to you, you should consider yourself as the custodian of the discussion and should not disclose it to anyone else.

    My Shaikh used to say that we are the custodian of our body. When we use our eyes in evil-glances, tongues in backbiting or using abusive language, hands for stealing, legs for walking towards a sin, lips for forbidden kisses, and others parts of body illicitly, we are infact misappropriating the power that Allah swt has given us.

    My friends! if we do not take Allah swt on our side no matter what we achieve or who we befriend we will never be in able to succeed.
    جو تو میرا تو سب میرا فلک میرا زمیں میری
    اگر اک تو نہیں میرا تو کوئی شئے نہیں میری

  • He is a habitual liar اذا حدث کذب

    Telling lies has become an admirable trait in many occupation especially in sales and marketing. Allah swt is the sustainer and no matter how much gains one accumulates He is the only one who has the power to make them beneficial or useless for us.

    My Shaikh used to say that a true lover of Allah swt would not dare to commit a sin intentionally. Shaitan and Nafs might sometimes get him spontaneously overpowered, but not in his true consciousness. And whenever a sin is committed, he does not get satiated until he get it washed away through repentance.

    Telling lies is a sin that normally cannot be committed without being conscious. Unless it is for a permitted reasons, e.g. to patch up between two Muslims, we must stay away from this essential sign of a hypocrite.

  • Whenever makes an agreement he betrays اذا عاھد غدر

    Another sign of an hypocrite is that he never fulfills his commitments and promises. Always slipery in his dealings and his commitments are worthless.

    A person was traveling with RasoolAllah ﷺ and at a point requested him to wait for him while he completes his work. The person forgets that he has made the prophet waiting and realized a few days later. He went to the same place and found RasoolAllah ﷺ still waiting for him. This was the level of commitment.

    The biggest commitment is what our souls made in aalam e arwah, when Allah swt asked “Am I not your Lord, the Sustainer!?” and everyone reply “Yes”

    My Shaikh used to say that each one of us has already made a promise to our Lord and if we deliberately disobey it is a mis-commitment which we all should avoid.

  • In an event of any disagreement he starts using foul language اذا خاصم فجر

    Disagreements are part of human life and sometimes they bring about blessings. However, use of foul language dishonors both the person and it should always be avoided. The point of view should be presented in a decent manner. The best person is one with greatest level of Islamic ethics.

May Allah swt guide us all and help us to avoid the above mentioned traits of the traitors! Ameen.

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