The Divine Pull

As soon as a person turns towards Allah taala and commits himself/herself to His wishes, Allah taala takes his/her hand and steers him/ her through the thick and thin of their lives. It is that Divine Pull which saves the person from all the evil attractions of the world.

The creator of the gravitational pull knows very well when His servants and lovers are in need of His help. And does not leave him/her alone. The feelings are overwhelming yet discrete.

تم سا کوئی ہمدم کوئی دم ساز نہیں ہے

باتیں تو ہیں ہر دم مگر آواز نہیں ہے

ہم تم ہی بس آگاہ ہیں اس ربط خفی سے

معلوم کسی اور کو یہ راز نہیں ہے

My Shaikh Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sb RA used to stress that a person, trying to practice deen, faces opposition from three quarters; his own self (nafs), Satan, and the society. Together, they employ every possible means to drag a person off-track.

The pull force of this private connection with Allah swt is so strong that it gives the person strength to turn down the demands of Satan, our own nafs, and all evils of the society together. It is a connection similar to the one mentioned about Ashaab Kahf وربطنا على قلوبهم.

He is very near and ready to pull. Let’s grab the chance!

Preparing Ourselves for Testing Times

Difficult times are from Allah swt to test the believers if they would like to keep their promises under all circumstances.

But, one should always supplicate Allah swt to spare us from hardships. My Shaikh, Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar sb RA used to frequently supplicate that ‘O Allah, always bring us happiness and please let us not have to face any hardships and worries.’ He used to say golden words “اللہ تعالی سے مانگو تو بریانی اور راضی چٹنی روٹی پر بھی رہو” means one should supplicate to Allah swt for the best and should be delighted with whatever He bestows us from His Ultimate wisdom.

A hadith provides us clue as to what should one do in order to receive help from Allah swt in case of testing times. What else does a person need if he receives Devine help when he is worried and helpless.

تعرَّف إلى الله في الرَّخاء، يعرفكَ في الشِّدَّةِ

Don’t forget Allah swt in your peaceful and affluent days, He will remember you in your difficult times.

It is a common practice that we turn towards Allah swt when we are in misery and when all hopes are lost. And, we just forget Him when we are celebrating parties, casting evil glances and advances, illicit activities while on Internet and when no one else can see us, etc..

If we keep Him in our hearts and refrain from evils while we enjoy happy moments of our lives, He will come to our rescue when we will badly need Him.

The Cost of Selecting Piety

Allah taala has given us the choice. The choice is ours, whether we choose the Right or the Wrong and so are the rewards or consequences.

(وَہَدَیۡنٰہُ النَّجۡدَیۡنِ ۚ ) and showed him the two ways
[Surah Al-Balad 10]

We do wrongs mostly to please the illicit desires of our innerself or our society while shaitaan tries to influence our thought process.

But تقوی or piety is to turn down these illicit desires for the sake of defending or mending our love with Allah تعالی . No matter how extreme the urge is or how much pressure the society exerts, a true lover of Allah does not bow down.

And this might result in shattering of our own illicit desires or a bit of temporary sour taste in relationships with our friends and relatives. My Shaikh Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar sb RA used to quote a couplet

آرزوئیں خون ہو یا حسرتیں پامال ہوں

اب تو اس دل کو ترے قابل بنانا ہے مجھے

I don’t care if my dreams are shattered or my desires are left unfulfilled, I need to prepare my heart and get it tidy for You..

My Shaikh Hazrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar sb RA used to quote a couplet of Maulana Roomi RA

جمادے چند دادم جاں فریدم

بحمدالله عجب ارزاں خریدم

I just threw some pebbles and look Alhamdolillah I found my Love so easily.

But even the feeling of deprivation of pebbles fades away as soon as the heart starts experiencing the countless blessings bestowed by the Lord as compensation. The person starts feeling the حلاوت ایمانی , the sweetness of Imaan, which gives him/ her the courage and passion to choose the right path in all subsequent eventualities of life.

May Allah swt give us strength to choose His path at every crossroad in our life. Ameen